Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proliferation of Port

Wow, I can't below how fucking prolific TMKOASC and I have been with the movie titles. I can't believe that we're both grown men doing this type of shit.

Meat Beat Street
Irrational Pleasure
On The Twat or Cunt
Shaved Private Parts
The Pour Of The Hoses
College Ho Trip
Kneel of Creams
An Ass Rinse Of Alice
Silent Rimming
Cumming to America
The Cum Shootist
Licking & I
Greasy Rider
A Fisttool Of Hollers
The Porn Ultimatum
Taint Your Waggin
In the Cunt
The Bobber Of Seville
The Bank (and by Bank, I mean HAND) Job
Open Strange
Titty of Angels
The Tool Of Defile
Rocky's Whore Licked Aunt Flo
Romancing The Bone
The Ass Raping of Jesse James by the Pervert Robert Ford
The Cumslinger
It Came Up on a Real Tight Queer
The Jizz Flinger
The Lord of the Little Brown Rings
Cum Lola, Cum
Pretty In Pink...Volume 24
All Over Eve
Slow Rinse Of A Labia
Apollo's 11 Inches
Through The Tight Ring
The Hunt for Red Cock's Over
Sticky Member Semen
Uncle Fuck
The Tight Muff
V for Vagina
An American In Paris...Hilton
High Poon
A Fisting Full of Dollars
Attack Of The Bones
All About Summer's Eve
Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter Gave Me Head
Ball Street
The Red Vag of Courage
My Giant Cock
My Left Nut
Cum Flew Over The Hooker's Breast
Dude, Where's My Cock?
All The President's Ten
The Mirror Has Two Faces...To Cum On
The Whole Nine Inches
Double Dong Indemnity
Against All Bods
Poon Raider
Snappy Fillmore
The Cockman Prophecies
Batman And Robblen

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34 Years said...

'On the Twat or Cunt'? I can't even figure out the original title on that one...someone's taking some liberties...

Here's some more attempts:

Stuart's Little
Kangaroo Jacked
Young Black Stallion (didn't change a thing)
Mighty Joe's Hung