Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party Like a Mock Star

Another year has ROCKETED by. Time is a cruel bitch when you get older. It always seemed to drag on in my youth, but now that I've hit middle age, it's a greasy pig that I can't wrap my arms around.

Laurie and I were talking about what we're doing with the cars when they're paid off. I think her Explorer will finally be paid off next year, mine not until 2012. I mentioned that I was going to hold on to my Focus and give it to Evan, not realizing actually how close that is. He'll be old enough to drive in just over four years. Even more immediate is the fact that he's going to be a teenager in just over a year.

How the fuck did that happen? It's seems like it was just a short time ago that he was the little baby pissing and puking all over me at the drop of a hat.

Although there were some craptacular moments this year (Chloe getting infected with crypto [like she's some kind of fucking third worlder or something], cancelling the summer vacation because we had to pay off a lawsuit, the little misunderstanding in March that almost ended my marriage), 2008 was a damn fine year in our household.

2009 will be a year of the fat wallet. Financially, we're doing better than ever. 2009 will be even more so with me getting an almost 8% raise. If things work out, I hope to get a grade increase too, which would be another $10K a year. Now I just need to get a reign on our expenses because we piss our money away like, uhm, piss. Hence the term, piss away.

2009 will be the year that I drop all the weight I gained over the last three years. In 2005, I lost almost 60 pounds. When I got sick and quit running (and started eating like Kirstie Alley at her most voracious), I gained over 80 fucking pounds. 80. Eight. Zero. I started dieting a two weeks ago and I'm down about 10, even with the slacking over Christmas (and all the boozing). There are 8 people in my office that have all thrown $100 in the pot and we're having a Biggest Loser contest. Whoever looses the highest percentage of weight gets the pot. Hello flatscreen TV when I win.

2009 will be a year of more traveling. We had planned on starting back the annual trip to Panama City Beach again in 08, but we were derailed by those douche drinking cock monkeys at Capital One (choke on my money, fucknuts). We also had planned on taking the kids back to Colorado, but instead we spent my 35th birthday living it up in Vegas. In 2009, the plans are: January: I'm working 11 days in New Orleans and Laurie is coming out for the first weekend to hang out and partay; June(ish): 1 week in Florida; October/November: 3-5 Nights in Vegas (no kiddos); Christmas: New York City (get a rope). Mix in a few weekends in Shreveport and or Austin/San Antonio/Houston and you got yourself a lot of travel.

2009 will be a year of more business travel. Man, that's a beating. In 2008, I spent a little over 60 days traveling. I'm starting the year out in New Orleans from the 9th until the 20th. And that's just for one job...I have seven other relocations that are going to be ramping up next year, so I anticipate a LOT of time drinking Abitas and eating crawfish in New Orleans (Gretna & Covington), Houma, New Iberia, Lake Charles, Natchitoches, & Minden next year. The upside of all the traveling is that several of my personal trips are done using free airfare and I make a shitload of money in overtime. In 2008, that came out to a cool ten gees.

2009 will be a year of more partying. I think both Laurie and I are hitting our midlife crises. Now that the kids are a little older and we have a couple of friends, we're drinking a little more (at least she is, I've been boozing it up for a while) and socializing more. Now if I can only talk her into some fishbowl parties, then I'm set like Boba Fett.

So, unless somebody dies, 2009 should rock the hizzouse. However, it will be coming in with a whisper since we have no plans tonight. Our usual social buddies are in NM visiting relatives, so we're just going to sit around the house tonight. I think my in-laws are coming over to play Scene It Box Office on the Xbox360 (thanks, Santa!) I'm sure I'll drink a few tasty beverages and pop a few tasty pills...but there's a distinct possibility that I'll be zzz'ing out by 11pm.

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Lets hope it's better than 2009!

~ FC

Anonymous said...

So clearly you're the one lucky mf who is soaring above the shitty economy? When I get foreclosed on, can we move in? I can't cook, I don't clean....but people tell me I'm a great drinking buddy. Have a great 09

Anonymous said...

what was the lawsuit about? and what was the almost-marriage-ending "misunderstanding"?

you gotta catch me up! email me thru myspace or something.

--one smile heather :D