Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oh, Good For You, Christian Bale. Good. For. You.

Ever since Christian Bale went batshit crazy on the set, I like to be obnoxious with my wife and drop the "Oh, good for you!" line as much as possible.  I keep saying I want to use it for her text tone, but I can never find a clean copy of that stupid thing!  Every "Good for you" drop/tone/ringtone I've found has either been on a soundboard and you can't download it, or it's in Flash (same problem.)

Luckily, I found a clean, MP3 version of the Christian Bale rant today online (link added for your convenience.)  Through the powers of Audacity (a bad ass bit of shareware, if I do say so myself) I extracted that magical bit and made it into an iPhone formatted tone (M4R.)  For those of you that play with other phones, I've did an MP3 version too.

Enjoy, mofos!

Christian Bale "Oh Good for you!" iPhone ringtone

Christian Bale "Oh Good for you!" Mp3 format

P.S--don't be scared of the littleretard.com URL--that's mine.  I couldn't pass up an awesome domain like that when it was suggested by the registrar a few years ago.  I use it for a picture blog (www.littleretard.com/blog) but it's not updated often.

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